This is true even if you are giving away your project for free, or if it's for a non-profit. I've used several other services for licensing before, and these guys are by far the easiest, quickest, and so helpful! They have been in business since 2005. APM offers a pay-per-use licensing option, also known as "needledrop pricing". Free copyright research before or after you buy. Customer service? The ASCAP Music License is the most efficient and affordable way to ensure your business, venue, event, radio or television station uses ASCAP music legally. The MFA Database is a collection of permission-to-arrange data that MFA has collected through the years. Click edit button to change this text. ... Technically speaking, some would argue that a medley is a “derivative work” and NOT a cover song. Related Posts Performing Rights Organizations – a history and overview Retaining your master rights is smart business Drawing from our database of more than 100,000 songs of worship, SongSelect offers easy access to print and download lyrics and sheet music and listen to full harmony/melody lines. SMP Press allows you to publish your sheet music and make it available for sale. Please tell us. And that's because their platform goes way beyond just music licensing. VGMDB — The video game music database even has catalog numbers. Refer to the articles EasyWorship 2009 is Not Compatible with Windows 10, Running EasyWorship 2009 on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Song Editor Patch for EasyWorship 2009. Save 21% On Cover Song Service Fees! Documentation Reference Key Play. You will need an additional license if you choose to physically distribute your cover song. Your email address. Put the seal on your album art or web page to show that licensing has been secured. It is easy; all you need is a PDF of your sheet music. A cover song is a recording of a previously released song that has kept the same composition (lyrics, melody and song structure) as the original version. Easy peasy! Easy Song Licensing is a jewel in a pile of rocks. The beginning of our efforts to collect and report licensing data started in September 1990. When you call you get a real person. Royalty rates for downloads and physical releases are slightly higher for songs over five minutes. They answered my questions about which type of license, and were really helpful in finding authors on some obscure stuff that I couldn't find thru the PROs! Put the seal on your album art or web page to show that licensing has been secured. Clear Cover Songs Custom Licensing Get Backing Tracks Seal of Authenticity Help Center 1-800-360-5192 Home / Help center / Resources / FAQ / Question and answer Great site to get a mechanical license and find those hard to reach music producers to get clearance on popular cover songs. Show the world you are legal with this special badge. You can search our media licensing database for a song using our easy search tool. Sheet Music Lyrics, Chord, Lead and Vocal Sheets. We are a 3rd party music licensing company to help clear music publishing and master rights for any type of client for any type of project. When you go to Easy Song Licensing, you will get the very best in customer service. Royalty-Free music to use in your videos, ads or movies and background music for your stores and business. How to double your musical output, improve your songwriting, and build your catalogue. That data formed the core of our database offering in June 1997. Info about song licensing on the Internet. Learn which of your songs require licensing before you buy. There are hundreds of ways to use music data to take your app to the next level. Clear Cover Songs Custom Licensing Get Backing Tracks Seal of Authenticity Help Center. No registration required Through its Custom Licensing services, ESL offers music rights clearances for any use, with dedicated, personal assistance from an experienced specialist. 4. The MSD team is proud to partner with in order to bring you the largest research collection of song-level tags and precomputed song-level similarity. Documentation Reference Key Play. Simplify music rights for your users. If you need more you have to go directly to the publisher. A single needledrop is one continuous use of a track, up to the track's full duration. Shame. Find Your Songs We partner with the leading providers of music licenses to create the most comprehensive, one-stop licensing solutions for churches and ministries. Easy Song Licensing handles everything for you. Easy Song Licensing. Talk to our experts and get valuable advice. Pick 3 to 5 Tracks From Your Catalogue & Export MP3 and WAV Files. Looking forward to working with them on other licensing projects. Be careful on these sites! Highly rated by: In the past year, 33% of QuintaDB’s reviews on Capterra came from individuals at small businesses, 42% from midsize, and 25% from large. Your success is always our top priority whether you hire us for your licensing or not. Or, you can wait for Easy Song Licensing to research your songs before buying. Whether you’re a music supervisor on a dramatic film, an editor on a TV series, or a producer at an advertising agency, SyncFloor is your one-stop-shop for music from brands you can trust. Legally release your new version of any song in 1-2 business days. Register the song as a publisher at the composition PRO. Login to your Easy Song Licensing account. Songfile and Easy Song Licensing will only issue licenses up to 2,500 downloads. A global music licensing company working for adverts, films, internet videos and games: easy, quick and reliable. Developers. Please utilize the ACE database tool for ASCAP song information assistance. Our first sale of 2021! Below are a list of all fields available in the files of the dataset. * *The mechanical license provided by Royalty Solutions only covers digital downloads. Save time: let us find music for you. • After payment is received Easy Song Licensing will follow the Compulsory Law to obtain your mechanical licensing. You do not need permission to use songs that you wrote yourself or songs that you know are in the. Clear Cover Songs. supports congregational singing. This was my first CD and they answered all of my dumb questions with patience and humor. Sign in. Most suitable for: Teams that need a database with easy-to-configure user permission, making it possible for many users to review and change the data. Hover Box Element. Learn more about how royalty rates are determined. How to setup your tracks so they appear at the top of the search results in any music library. Free Sound : Allows you to search for specific sounds that you want for your podcast and download the tracks you like Creatives Commons Music : This is a large database that gives you access to music submitted under a creative commons license CCLI simplifies access to affordable legal content and media. Are you frustrated, confused, need help, have a suggestion? The Creative Commons license is very broad, and artists can add all … Learn which of your songs require licensing before you buy. They're the best! Publish your music for free and make it available for millions of people. Prove you are legal. If you’re not sure they’re good … Complete your album with this classy finishing touch. Please tell us. - Fred Thomas . Compulsory cover song licensing only. Drunk Tank Pink. Legally release your version of any song quickly and easily in 1-2 business days. 3. $12.99 for 11 – 20 songs. Sign in. Read more about it here on the website. Their combined catalogs represent millions of songs across all genres. All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth; All I Want For Christmas Is You; Amarga Navidad; Baby, It's Cold Outside; Blue Christmas; ... Use a song database! It's no surprise that Songtradr tops our list of the top sync licensing music libraries. Search for your business above. All the data is associated with MSD tracks, which makes it easy to link it to other MSD resources: audio features, artist data, lyrics, etc. Copyrights for recordings are often owned or administered by record labels, although in some cases, artists may have retained or regained ownership of their recordings. Pop/Rock. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Team (Surface Hub), HoloLens. Sorting by genres. You can register a song that’s already been released, but it will only generate royalties going forward. Multiple licenses may be required. We'll work to fix it. Music licensing is intended to ensure that the owners of copyrights on musical works are compensated for certain uses of their work. A purchaser has limited rights to use the work without a separate agreement. Through our Member Publishers, our licenses allow communities to reprint or project music for the congregation, to podcast or stream services containing this music, or to copy practice-tracks for rehearsal purposes. Simply click the logos below to search for songs that are covered under the PERFORMmusic and WORSHIPcast licenses. How to find quality music licensing opportunities and get your songs in music libraries that fit your genre. HFA's Songfile makes this easy. You save time, energy and money. If your songs are in the Public Domain, you don't need to license them. Each month, they serve 30,000 clients with care, and clear over 3,000 songs with efficiency. Thank you. Committed to accuracy and transparency, ESL adds value to the music industry through innovation, … Securing a mechanical license can be a difficult task, but Easy Song Licensing helps artists, school groups, choirs, record labels, and more in clearing the appropriate rights and paying songwriters and publishers. Log in to your publisher account at your composition PRO and register your song(s). Several websites have curated these Creative Common songs for easy access and review. Home / Account / Sign in. Our partner—Easy Song Licensing—can help you get a mechanical license for your cover songs. One License distributes royalties equitably to composers, authors, and publishers. If you take the time to monitor your song data, record it and share it, as you are more likely to earn your royalties. License the music you like instantly online. No—free accounts are permitted five uploads; beyond that, payment is required MusicBrainz: Open content music database. Demonstrate that you support hard-working songwriters. CCLI makes creative works available and licensing simple, legal and affordable. Developer. Search for: Type and hit enter. ASCAP ACE Database – This is a go-to source of information about writers, performers, publishers, and alternate titles for copyrighted songs from both ASCAP and non-ASCAP affiliates. Write to us for further assistance on any Windows related query, we will be happy to help you. Search through thousands of career advice articles, news stories, music features, video, licenses, events, and other information. We had a great experience working with ESL. You get free information about who owns the rights to each song. We are the only licensing service that offers this unique opportunity. Our library is made up of high quality, curated music, including 1000 tracks for Professional subscribers and 2000 tracks for Business subscribers from Triple Scoop Music, the acclaimed music licensing site loved by top photographers, video creators, filmmakers, and businesses. $11.99 for 21+ songs. Pulling song lyrics. By properly licensing your recordings, you ensure that the proper publishers and songwriters are paid! Our licensing experts track down the copyright holders for you and provide results in 1-2 business days. Licensing Platform Users may have the ability to access streams of songs made available on the Licensing Platform, but you may not download, copy, forward, or make any other use of a song unless you are expressly authorized to do so by Company. Legally release your version of any song quickly and easily in 1-2 business days. Songtradr Pro gives artists and bands 3000 credits that they can use for sync licensing opportunities hosted through their platform. We'll work to fix it. Once the song is out there, fixing the typos will become very problematic. Easily obtain 100% of the rights you need to release, Does not apply to custom licensing and non-compulsory cover song requests. Hello again! This makes it much easier to comply. As an artist, publisher, or producer, you must be responsible for your song data. What is a Mechanical License? Download and test music before licensing. Easy Song Licensing also has a list and they can search for you as well. Artists can offer public use of their song through a Creative Commons license. Legally release your version of any song quickly and easily in 1-2 business days. Our first sale of 2021! Its Cover Song Licensing service makes it easy to get 100% of the permission required to release a new version of any song in 1-2 business days. Your Proof of Licensing appears when the seal is clicked or scanned with a smartphone. Easy Song Licensing charges $14.99 service fee for one song, $13.99 for 6-10 songs. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Lyrics and Chords Manager. For future releases, we recommend you secure your mechanical licenses via Easy Song Licensing. We … 9 talking about this. 1-800-360-5192. Experts will consult with you, prepare the request, submit the paperwork to the publishers, negotiate the fees, monitor the … This website was designed to make licensing songs easier for you. For these songs, you will need to secure a mechanical license with our partner Easy Song Licensing. This is Aaron Green from Easy Song Licensing. Although the actually code is quite simple, it is the configuration issues such as importing right library, drivers to use, how to access them, and so forth, that make it an uphill battle. JLicense. Search our database of over 1,400,000 songs by composer, arranger, publisher, publisher song ID, and other popular music industry work IDs. Instruction, contacts, proprietary request form and more. If you use music that other people created, no matter how you use it, you need to get a license. That means they’ll contact the copyright holders and help you obtain 100% of the rights you need to release any cover song. It is tagged and searchable by license. Plus you get the information and flexibility you need to successfully plan and prepare your album release. Clear music for YouTube, film, stage, print, advertising, cover songs and more. But wait: what if transparent, easy-to-find information existed for every song, in a single, unified database? Free Royalty-Free Music for videos, slideshows, podcasts and more Listen now and download directly! You can select from a variety of options in our easy search tool and then select the songs you are interested in by saving them to "My Mix". When it comes to licensing music, there are two groups of rights holders who are usually involved: Record companies (or the makers of sound recordings) who are represented by Connect Music Licensing (representing most English Canada record companies), SOPROQ (representing most Quebec companies) and Re:Sound. This is one example of how we go the extra mile for you. 1-800-360-5192. Top 8 Free Music Data APIs (Updated for 2021) Last Updated on January 8, 2021 by Lindsey 10 Comments. ~28,608,635 Select from the various uses below to learn what license you need and how to get it. Songfile licensing is a tool to obtain mechanical licenses in a quantity of 25 to 2500 units for physical recordings (CDs, cassettes, vinyl) made and distributed in the U.S., or to create and distribute permanent digital downloads (PDDs) of a song from a server located within the U.S., at the current statutory mechanical rate. And when needed, you can get a real person on the phone! The same list with data from a specific song is available here.Another reference is the code: if a field is displayed, the field exists and there should be a getter for it (if we forgot some in matlab or java, please let us know). 4. Your Proof of Licensing goes into the searchable public database at Get 100% of the rights you need to release your new version of any song in 1-2 business days. Every owner, every split, and every license? Also includes free music notation software to enable a wide range of instrumental music scores to be created, printed and shared Music is available under a variety of licenses. Thanks Easy Song Licensing for being there. Search. Needledrop refers to the amount of times a track is used within a single production. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. 800.360.5192. Save 21% On Cover Song Service Fees! Clear Cover Songs Custom Licensing Get Backing Tracks Seal of Authenticity Help Center. Account. The usually rock guitar-driven indie songwriter explores his country side on this five-song EP, which features a duet with John Prine. Imagine that! Find pre-cleared songs with our powerful search engine. Enjoy fee-free reorders for life! • Easy Song Licensing accepts payment online and over the phone with a credit card. Cleared rights? The MFA Database is not an authoritative guarantee that a song listed will be approved for arrangement in the future. Creating a database application in C/C++ is a daunting task, especially for a novice programmer. Licensing Music – Who’s Who. Account. Custom Assistance $129 - you submit with our help. The list is not comprehensive, but it includes most of the works commonly used by participating bands. They answered all of our questions and were very prompt at responding to our calls or emails. Streaming playlists. These folks are great to work with. Search BMI's HYPER-REPERTOIRE, an internet song title database for publisher information on songs licensed by BMI. Doing this will generate the other half of performance royalties generated by the composition. Search ASCAP's ACE, a searchable database of all compositions in the ASCAP repertory which have appeared in any of ASCAP's domestic surveys, including foreign compositions licensed by ASCAP in the United States. 24 actionable music licensing video lessons. Rather, ASCAP offers blanket licenses that authorize the public performance of the entire ASCAP repertory. The research is handled by real people, and you can talk to us if you have questions. The database lists songs or compositions, titles, composers, authors and publisher information on musical compositions, including copyrighted arrangements of public domain works and also product and master recording information including Artist, Label, Product configuration and Product numbers. Music licenses give you permission to use music that other people created. Real people, free research. Be sure to double- and triple-check the song’s metadata before you send it out — or set up a two-step vetting system. JLicense is the only music-licensing agency primarily serving the entire international Jewish community. But with the help of our licensing partner Loudr, we can legally license medleys for you. Most music users apply for a license online. The Virginia Restaurant, Lodging & Travel Association is very encouraged by this effort by the two major music licensing entities to create a transparent database that our members can reference when entering into public performance licenses and contracts. The type of license you need depends on how you will use that music. Learn More Products + Services. A mechanical license for cover songs gives you the right to reproduce and distribute a copyrighted song on a permanent digital download. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Keep up the good work! Use copyrighted music in YouTube videos, film, print, stage, and more. One License. Loading. Our licensing experts track down the copyright holders for you and provide results in 1-2 business days. Add Easy Song Licensing rights clearance services to your application. Easy On Hold and Brandi Music have also created a new music on hold solution called Logo Radio. Talk to a real person, or do it yourself online. Does more than one use apply? Licensing done right. 19 talking about this. 9 talking about this. Easy Song Licensing. With the proper license, SongSelect offers real-time access to songs of worship and the resources to perform them. Music licensing is the licensed use of copyrighted music. Get personal help with all your music licensing needs for. Hover Box Element. Put our professional music discovery tools to work in your production. Your Proof of Licensing appears when the seal is clicked or scanned with a smartphone. For further assistance, get in touch with easyworship support forum. Sign in. Our free and exclusive platform is the perfect place for Film/TV/Music Reps to discover indie artists with high-quality masters, instrumentals, and demos. Music licensing for businesses is a serious business. If you seek authorization to perform publicly a specific song or group of songs, please contact each of the music publisher(s) for each song.

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