The most popular brand of muzzle brake was American Precision Arms (APA) again this year, representing 31% of the shooters using brakes. I am KING of the back yard hackers. The Morr Accuracy all-new self-timing muzzle brake is here! Add to Wish List Add to Compare. I saw the sandstone turn to dust after I pulled the trigger. APA has been the industry leader in muzzle brakes since 2014. Ryan Pierce of “ makes very effective muzzle brakes (aka “Muscle Brakes) that have a clever “self-timing” feature, that allows them to be fitted to multiple rifle barrels. For now I installed it with a Christensen Arms crush washer until I get it to the gunsmith. Damascus & Titanium; Nighthawk Custom 1911s; Cabot 1911 Pistols; Uberti Revolvers; Pistol Accessories. $229.00. They can be turned down to fit barrel contours within reason. Join our newsletter! Add To Cart. This thread is for the discussion of the TI PRO Titanium Muzzle Brakes. Shop By. Pretty good. Add to cart . Your email address will not be published. Titanium! The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Quick View. My teeth could tell. A few shots to confirm zero. The brake is offered in both stainless steel ($150) and titanium ($195). My wife got me a TI Pro 2 for Christmas, so just dropped it off at the gunsmith's today to get the barrel threaded and brake installed. Maybe I‘ll have it cerakoted black to match the CT Edge. Installations take about 30 … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I got lucky. Finally there is a muzzle brake on that can be aligned without the need of a gunsmith! They are great is all aspects, recoil reduction, light weight, muzzle rise, and very high quality material and machining. Can these be turned down all the way or just beveled on the back to match contour? NPW NoTimer Muzzle Brakes do not require timing or indexing to your barrel. My 30-338 pushes the 245 gr Berger 3073 fps MV and it was fine to shoot previous but this brake makes it so much better. Port design on "The Muzzle Brake" is more like the Terminator design and these will have the top port too, and I am told it will be adjustable as soon as they have that design perfected as well as a self timing brake. How long did it take you to get it timed? After much research I settled on the hellfire self timing muzzle brake for a .308 for my twelve year old daughter. Best titanium muzzle brake for bolt action rifles including 308, 30-06, 7.62, 300wm, 7mm remingtong, .338lm, 408, etc. Select options. Can't wait to get it back and try it out. I’m hoping to get a 5/8-24 Ti Pro 1 for my 6.5. Free shipping. NOTE weights were done on my food scale, manufacturers website weights are very close to my weights. Set Descending Direction. The Morr Accuracy all-new self-timing muzzle brake is here! Can you not just leave it on with the crush washer? Best Self-timing Muzzle Brake out there? I timed my last brake by affixing emery cloth to the top of a thick pane of glass and running the barrel side of the muzzlebrake in figure 8s over the cloth. These include 2 and 3 port round brakes from .687″ to 1.000″ diameter for seamless gunsmith installs, the gunsmith install Tank Brake, and the Self-Timing Tank ST Muzzle Brake. Thanks! Join our subscribers list to get the latest news, updates and special offers delivered directly in your inbox. Select options. But I think it looks good as is. Add to Watchlist Unwatch. It reduced recoil significantly and she was able to handle the recoil with no issues. Sort By. They are great is all aspects, recoil reduction, light weight, muzzle rise, and very high quality material and machining. Welcome to Muzzle Brakes and More- Home of the Beast Series Muzzle Brakes. Hope to get it tuned and turned down in the next week. YORKTOWN Titanium Muzzle Brake AK 7.62 YORKTOWN Titanium Muzzle Brake 30 Cal/.308 Win/7.62x51 YORKTOWN Titanium Muzzle Brake 5.56 CAUTION: Select the correct thread and caliber for your firearm. Titanium Full Port Muzzle Brake (Black) 5 After an adjustment to the zero I took it to 769 yds. You probably only need .002 to .003" off the brake. What do you have with 5/8-32 threads? I have high hopes to sneak away for a couple hours tomorrow to shoot this beauty. ohh I was actually looking for “a muzzle brake, but you forgot the ports...”. I have been using these brakes for 3 or 4 months now. Was running a 5 port lil beast and it worked great, but made the rifle really front heavy on a spotter barrel. Copyright © 2020 MESA PRECISION ARMS. I have decided to make 2 piece titanium brakes coming up but it will be a month or more out before I can get to them. Super lightweight titanium. I’m headed to Ryan’s to drop off brakes and will let him know to add that option to the Ti Pro 3. Compare. This muzzle device is installed on our Modern Precision Rifle, ELR, BA Tactical, and TFM rifles. Our stainless steel, self timing muzzle brake was designed to reduce as much recoil as possible and control muzzle jump. Self-Timing Tactical Muzzle Brake - 3 Port (Dia. Thread starter man32ahan; Start date Aug 23, 2018; Forums. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 140.00. I couldn’t spot these shots but I could tell the recoil was less. Add to cart. per page. 7 Items . JavaScript is disabled. Same color and diameter as my barrel. These are in process right now. Brake pictures from left to right. The TI Pro 3 is a very nice piece of workman ship, It fits my Proof Sendero 26" barrel near perfect, just a very slight lip which I'm okay with. The new brake is 1.16 oz vs 3.88 on the lil beast. Choose Options. The Shockwave Muzzle brake by Patriot Valley is an extremely effective brake design. It is also not 1-time use like other machine-timed brakes but rather can be used barrel after barrel after barrel, saving shooters significant money on each subsequent barrel that they purchase. View as Grid List. Say goodbye to crush washers, peel washers or the need for a professional installation. C. Clocked92 ... but the TS Customs self timing brake is probably the cleanest looking. It will be interesting to see if the shorter, lighter 4 port can compete with the longer/ heavier 5 port in both recoil and muzzle flip. Gen 2 Self Timing Muzzle Brakes The Gen 2 Series of brakes started where the Gen 1 left off. How good are you with a fine flat file Ladd? Shop By. The TI Pro 3 on my 30-338 Lapua looks just as sweet. You must log in or register to reply here. I have a Vias brake I would like to replace without having to use an adapter. I haven't shot it without the brake, so I can't say how effective the recoil reduction is, but it is very comfortable to shoot, and more importantly, does a good job of keeping the rifle on target. I'd sure like to try a 6.5mm ti pro 2 on my new mullerworks carbon 6.5 prc barrel! Met all my expectations. All Rights Reserved. Show. My buddy Casey said it was the first time he saw the animal get hit in the scope.

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