In 100 grams of pure beef tallow, you will find: NB: Because beef tallow is a pure source of fat, it has no protein or carbohydrates. For other uses, see Tallow. When rendering tallow for our own use, we usually end up cooking down 7.7 lbs. Tallow is biologically compatible with our bodies largest … All it involves is sourcing some good beef fat, and rendering it down. Tallow is used to make a biodegradable motor oil by a Stamford, Connecticut –based company called Green Earth Technologies. This DIY tallow balm recipe will not disappoint you. This comes from its low polyunsaturated fat content. Tallow candles may not be winning any kind of awards any time soon, but they are practical in the sense that they are easy to make, and can be used in times of emergency. Tallow from grass fed beef has a ratio of approximately 1.4 whereas that of grain fed (conventional) beef is closer to 8. Traditional Uses Of Tallow and Other Animal Fats & Oils. The Chinese tallow tree (Sapium sebiferum - (L.) Roxb. (Selenium is known for its ability to boost immunity and reduce inflammation). Adding tallow to your food can help increase the healthy fats in your diet, which in turn may help you absorb these nutrients more efficiently. The best way to render tallow is slowly. It is shelf-stable for later use in cooking or making other products such as soap and candles. • If the smell is off-putting, you have the option of adding essential oils or herbs. Tallow from grass-fed animals is rich in essential nutrients and fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. It also contains choline, which is helping you with your memory and is associated with healthy brain tissue. Refrigeration should be a last resort. Fat from elsewhere on the body is fine to render as well, though the flavor will be slightly different. Tallow was also used in many high-end shaving soaps back in the day. It will not be nearly as tasty as one cooked long and slow. The switch was made in the 1970’s when the vegetable oil industry gained power and propagandized the (supposed) benefits of polyunsaturated fats (vegetable oils). They can also dehydrate the skin, leaving it dry and stripped of its natural oils. Tallow was also used in many high-end shaving soaps back in the day. • It is relatively affordable- The affordability of beef tallow as fat comes from the fact that it is a sustainable fat. Lubrication – You can use tallow to lubricate things with moving parts, like machinery. Not to mention the fact that we also eat plenty of foraged greens, weeds and vegetables from our organic no-dig garden. It is solid at room temperature and melts at about 100-118°F (or 38-48°C). Despite it being so simple to make, you can render tallow several times throughout the year to always have a fresh supply. Since it has less, it can take it the heat. If you still have some trepidation about eating it, find someone to share a meal with. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; And it couldn’t be easier than mixing tallow, lye, water and essential oils (which are optional) all together to make soap in your crockpot. Balms, moisturizers and makeup removers have also been made using beef tallow. If you don’t have time to soak your fries in water, you can just cut them up and toss them straight into your cast iron pan for a tasty skillet meal of home fries. Beef tallow can also make pie crusts extra flaky, and can even be used to bake burger buns that are soft, yet sturdy. If you intend to use it for cosmetic purposes, you can even filter it 2 or 3 times to get all impurities out. I know, the concept of eating fat to get and stay slim seems not only paradoxical, but controversial too. It also contains a number of essential vitamins, namely: Niacin; Vitamins B6 and B12; Vitamin K2; Selenium; Iron; Phosphorus; Potassium; Riboflavin; Vitamin D (when sourced from pasture-raised cows) 4 Top Uses of Tallow It used to create Candles. Can You Build Muscle by Lifting Light Weights. Similar to pork rinds, they can be added to rice dishes or stews to enhance the flavor, at the same time adding vital nutrition. There will likely be some loose pellet-like particles of fat on the bottom of the tallow. Life Health Fitness © 2021. Depending on what you’re making, you can use shortening, rapeseed oil or vegetable oil. Tallow balm for skin. Very good. Tallow was used for makeup, makeup remover and as a night cream; It is used in balms as it coats and protects the skin, use it in cold weather to prevent chapping and windrashes. With beef, it is no different. • Smell- In its pure form, it can have a slightly meat-smell which some persons may find off-putting when it is being used for cosmetic purposes. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; The Perfect Pie Crust Recipe @ Weed ’em & Reap. Follow on Instagram and sign up for their newsletter for more inspirations on living a sustainable life. Tallow can be substituted for any other vegetable oil that you currently use for frying. ), native to southern China, is an attractive deciduous tree most often grown for the hard tallow of its seeds used for soap, oil and biofuel. • Beef tallow is reusable. How to make tallow. Like lard, tallow is also delicious when added to pie crusts. In fact, big-name fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Popeye’s and Wendy’s all used to use this fat to cook their French fries and onion rings. : Their beautiful black hair owes its glossiness almost entirely to the use of candle tallow. : Stearine, a constituent of tallow, is a compound of glyceryl and stearic acid. Spooning it out of a jar can sometimes be a challenge, though it makes a great storage vessel. When you purchase this fat, you can use it to cleanse your clothes or take care of your skin. It is a by-product that is available after every butchering. Typically, tallow starts with the extraction of suet from a carcass. If it looks a little funky after a couple fryer uses, you can always strain it through cheesecloth again. Even longer in the fridge or freezer. For example: Using beef tallow also has some disadvantages. In fact, it has such good oxidative stability that it is sometimes added to soybean oil to improve its stability. It has a high burn point and doesn’t easily oxidize like some oils. You can also use tallow to soothe dry skin and heal skin infections. Not only will beef tallow improve the taste of your food, it has major benefits. Mouthwateringly tempting differences. This is because it is already a byproduct of cattle rearing which means that there is no need for extra resources or equipment to produce it. This method makes the tallow available for easier access as it can be broken or cut into smaller pieces. Some of these include: Though frying and deep frying are not healthy ways to cook food, beef tallow is amazing as a frying oil due to its high smoke point and the ability to add extra flavor to food. • It’s great for your skin- Beef tallow was probably used a body butter by your ancestors. We’ll share some recipes later on, so that you can try it as you cook your next dinner. However you choose to use tallow, you'll be … There are a number of uses for tallow, making it a product in consistent demand. It can cure blisters and cracked skin from tight shoes, prevent and treat diaper rash in babies and soothe skin irritation caused by chickenpox or poison ivy. • It is versatile- Beef tallow has more than one application than just in the kitchen. Polyunsaturated fat consists of multiple double bonds which make fatty acids more susceptible to oxidation. We’ll also show you the steps to render your own tallow, so that you can be empowered to live a more self-reliant life. Composition Of Fatty-Acids In Tallow Tallow is fat, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad for our skin. Being freely available to humans throughout the ages, animal fats have traditionally been used in all manner of ways. Skin care – Saturated animal fat (tallow) was used for beauty products back before the low-fat myth became ‘truth.’ Your grandma and grandpa likely used it to heal cracked, dry hands and as a moisturizer. With homegrown potatoes, it just gets even better! Creek discusses multiple uses for one of his favorite survival products - Mutton Tallow. Although tallow is incredibly shelf stable, every time the jar is opened the contents inside are exposed to moisture, and tiny amounts of debris that can shorten its longevity or cause it to turn rancid in an untimely manner. • Stored tallow should not be stuck with your fingers or dirty utensils as this can introduce microbes and bacteria which will grow and cause it to spoil. Once the tallow is rendered, it will have a mild animal-smell, but it is not overpowering. Tallow, as it is most commonly known, is made from beef fat. In fact, the colder it is, the easier it gets to work with. Flat Rice Noodle (kuey teow) • Fish Cake (cut bite size) • Shrimp (marinate in 1/2 tsp Salt and 2 Tbsp Lime Juice) • Spring Onions (cut 2 inches length) • Garlic Chives (cut 2 inches lengths) • Bean Sprouts • Eggs (whisked) • Cooking Oil (or animal fat like tallow or schmaltz) It speeds up the rendering process (cooking down), but makes it harder to strain in the end. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Chicken or goose becomes schmaltz. Whatever the case may be, refrain from putting the impurities on your compost pile, so as not to attract curious animals. Looks like a good one to me! Beef Tallow is similar in appearance to lard (pork fat) and is shaped like a big stick of butter. Many of the skincare products that we use, including soaps, contain chemicals and harsh fragrances which gets absorbed into our bloodstream. Today, tallow is more of a throwback or novelty ingredient, used by chefs to make statement dishes such as beef-fat candles to dip bread in before the meal, and as a flavorful spread for toast. Even the poorest of society used what was known as a tallow drip, which consisted of a lit strip of cloth in a saucer of tallow grease. Home butchering has long been a way to put meat on the table without having to go any further than your fence line. You may be surprised to know that tallow has dozens of brilliant uses. You could use tallow for baking if you want to impart beef notes or earthiness into the baked good. It also looks like a coconut oil and butter hybrid; however, it has a dry, waxy texture. Some cooks use beef tallow for frying, roasting vegetables, cooking french fries, and sautéing as well, but it's still not as popular as other fats. Again, you don't want too much of this going down your sink drain. This page is about the Tallow added by Quark. Tallow is an excellent source of niacin, vitamins B6, B12, K2, selenium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and riboflavin. You can also add 1 cup of water at the very beginning to prevent the mass from burning on the bottom of the pot. Does Getting Hypertension Earlier in Life Carry More Health Risk? Beef tallow is loved for adding a rich flavor to foods. 43. You can stop chopping here when you are satisfied with your work. Tallow is biologically compatible with our bodies largest organ, our skin. Can Olive Oil Remove Plaque from Arteries? More and more persons have become interested in this fat, including you.

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